Strategy: X In A Row

Stock Price Prediction AI

The "X In A Row" strategy is based on the assumption that our AI stock trading model is more accurate at making predictions when a stock goes up or down a certain number of bars (days, hours, or minutes) in a row. For example, if the stock goes up for 7 days in a row, is it more likely to go down the next day?

To test this theory, we ran a backtest, which means we simulated how much profit it would have made if we had traded it for real using historical data. This is a good indication of how well the X In A Row strategy would do in live trading for real.

Results: In our backtest, the AI model's accuracy (up or down prediction) was ______.
The profit/loss backtest had a Profit Factor (PF) of ____ and is shown in the table and chart below. A PF greater than 1 means it would have made a profit. This backtest does not include commissions or the bid/ask spread.

You can run this backtest yourself in our X In A Row Google Colab notebook: - Machine Learning. It uses our open-source GitHub repo at Pickstocks GitHub. You can also change the data or AI strategy yourself if you want and then backtest it using our repo.